• AACC Day Three: Scripture and Soul

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    AACC Grace and Truth World Conference:

    Day Three Reflections—Scripture and Soul


    Friday at the AACC started early and went late.


    In the morning, Ian Jones, a fellow BCSFN co-director, received the Gary Collins award for excellence in Christian counseling. Then Larry Crabb gave the plenary session on how the Trinity impacts our counseling.


    Immediately after, I gave my BCSFN track presentation on How to Practice Comprehensive Biblical Counseling: Implementing a Dozen Dreams: http://bit.ly/3ShzlR


    Had lunch with my Baker Books editor from Beyond the Suffering, Vicki Crumpton. She was a great editor and is a wonderful encourager and friend.


    Enjoyed a great time of mutual encouragement, sharing, brainstorming, and connecting during the BCSFN Mixer.


    Topped things off with the evening the Dinner Theatre.


    That’s the “stuff.”


    Here’s the inside story.


    People are hungry for truly biblical counseling. They are tired of biblical counseling that is half biblical—giving Scripture but not soul; giving truth without love. But they are also tired of counseling that claims to be Christian but follows more of the world than the Word. People long for Scripture and soul. They long for biblical Christian counseling that follows the Apostle Paul’s model in 1 Thessalonians 2:8. “We loved you so much that we were delighted to give you not only the Scriptures but our own souls, because you were so dear to us.”




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