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    AACC Grace and Truth World Conference: Day Two Reflections–Community


    Here’s a recap of Thursday at the AACC World Conference.


    Conferences like these are never only about the content, as important as that is.


    They are also about community.


    I was able to connect with many students and co-workers from Capital Bible Seminary’s MACCD (MA in Christian Counseling and Discipleship) department. Had a great time reconnecting with Professor Chris Boucher and his whole family. Also spent some wonderful time with Terri Polm who was our full-time mentor of women and with Jim Nestle who was our full-time mentor of men. Met up with Pastor Harry Pilson and Sister Olivia Pilson—Olivia is one of our women mentors.


    Many of our student graduates/alums stopped by at the Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network (BCSFN) booth. It’s always so encouraging to hear how God is using people to impact others.


    Sister Ellen Barney and I talked for a long time. Sister Ellen was in the first two years of our program and has always been such an encourager. She also has trained lay women every year in LEAD: Lay Encouragers And Disciplers. Their church uses both Soul Physicians and Spiritual Friends to equip their women for one another ministry.


    The World Conference is also always a great opportunity to reconnect with men and women from around the country and the world who also are equipping others. Had a great time at lunch with Dr. Ian Jones from Southwestern Seminary, a great time at dinner with Dr. Steve Greggo from Trinity. Spent time during the day with my good friend Dr. Eric Johnson from Southern Seminary, with Dr. Phil Monroe from Biblical Seminary, Dr. Miriam Parent from Trinity, Dr. Ron Hawkins from Liberty, and so many others.


    Today, I will be off soon to hear Dr. Larry Crabb present a plenary message on the impact of Trinitarian theology on biblical counseling. It will be a special privilege to close that plenary session in prayer, since I studied under Larry at Grace Seminary. His personal mentoring, friendship, teaching, and writings have impacted me in many ways.


    Then I’ll race off (lots of racing here!) to present my track session on How to Practice Comprehensive Biblical Counseling: Implementing a Dozen Dreams. We’ll be looking together at ways to ensure that our counseling is Christ-centered, comprehensive, compassionate, and culturally-informed.


    A full day will follow after that. Lord willing, I will share about it on Saturday morning. Thanks for following the journey.



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