• Fear From a Lack of Knowledge

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    (This is merely my reflection and note and end to conclusion to debate, but I would love to hear your feedback) renaissance-hc

    I have been reading “Psychology #038; Christianity: The Seminal Works That Shaped the Movement” Each time we read an author and their discussion of the history of the relationship between psychology and the Christian faith I kept sensing a fear of the unknown from the secular field of psychology and the Christian community. As I processed this it reminded me of Paul’s encounter with the philosophers on Mars Hill.
    Paul was operating from a base of knowledge that had an awareness of the philosopher’s worldview and he was so solidly rooted in his view. As a result of his awareness Paul did not have fear to dialogue with the philosophers. The Philosophers where intrigued to hear some new doctrine from Paul, but they where not open to apply self reflecttion with the new informations they had obtained (this is also a critique of modern psychology as mentioned in “Psychology and Christianity Integration: Seminal Works That Shaped the Movement”. All that to say I have been inspired to more actively explore the philosophical side of our discipline.


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