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    The American Association of Christian Counselors’ World Conference
    Grace and Truth

    I’ll be leaving Tuesday morning for and returning Sunday afternoon from the AACC’s 2009 Grace and Truth World Conference.

    Every other year the AACC hosts 5,000-t0-7,000 pastors, lay people, educators, psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, missionaries, spiritual directors, and spiritual friends.

    Great worship, plenary speakers, several hundred ministry “booths,” 40 pre-conference presentations, and scores of track presentations combine with connecting to make this a premier event.

    I’ll be presenting a Pre-Con Wednesday (9-Noon) on Developing a Biblical Methodology of Biblical Counseling.

    Then Friday morning I’ll lead a Biblical Counseling and Spiritual Formation Network (BCSFN) Track on How to Practice Comprehensive Biblical Counseling. There are six other great BCSFN Track presentations throughout the week.

    Friday night I’ll faciliate, along with Dr. Ian Jones and Dr. Ron Hawkins, the BCSFN Mixer: sharing our vision for biblical counseling and spiritual formation, hearing from among our over 5,000 BCSFN members how we can further equip them, and dreaming together.

    I’d love to meet any of you in person. If you’re attending, be sure to look me up.

    I’ll also try to Twitter and Facebook along the way to keep you posted.

    For more info: http://www.aacc.net/

    The big event is in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry–it’s like a city all unto itself. Massive.

    In Christ’s Grace,


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