• Personal Integration

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    I have become ever more aware of the necessity to actually practice what I preach. None of us wants to be a hypocrite, but how often do we actually practice the very principles that we utilize in counseling with our clients. I am particularly thinking of the discipline of resting and being still before God. I’m sure in this ministry and profession most of you are always being pulled to minister to the needs of others, and at times you may do so in a way that you would tell your client is unhealthy. The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are few, but please take care of yourself. In my training as an EMT one vital point they emphasized to us was that we had to make sure we took care of ourselves first before we could ever be able to take care of the patient or else we become a patient and no one gets helped. Therapy is much more congruent when the helper is truly living in the same comfort they are trying to comfort others with. Thank all of you for the work you do, and whatever you do, do unto the glory of God.

    Blessings from the BCFSN Family


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