• 7 Biblical Truths That Must Shape Life and Ministry

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    7 Biblical Truths That Must Shape Life and Ministry 

    In our post-modern generation shaped by relativism, even the Church is filled with differing views on the largest issues of life and ministry. 

    The question that defines us more than any other is: 

    “Upon what do we base our life and ministry?”  

    Here are seven truths that must shape the way we see life and ministry. I call them: 

    Life’s Seven Ultimate Questions and Answers.  

    They teach us what makes biblical ministry truly biblical.  

    1. Question 1: “What is truth? Where do I find answers?” 

    Answer 1—The Word: “God’s Word is sufficient, authoritative, profound, and relevant.” 

    All that we need for life and godliness we find in Scripture (the written Word). In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (the Living Word). We live and breathe every nano-second not by bread alone but by the Word of God. Therefore, in life and ministry every question is ultimately a God-question and every answer is fundamentally a God-answer. 

    2. Question 2: “Who is God?” 

    Answer 2—The Creator: “God is Trinitarian.” 

    God is not the “alone with the alone.” The God of the Universe is, always has been, and always will be Three-in-One, communitarian, Trinitarian. Before God created, He related. Thus God created us not out of need but graciously from the overflow of infinite Trinitarian fellowship. Reality is relational because God is Trinitarian. Therefore, in life and ministry our purpose is to glorify God as we combine Scripture and soul, truth and love. 

    3. Question 3: “Who am I”? 

    Answer 3—Creation: “We are created with dignity by God in the image of Christ.” 

    I am not an accident. I am fearfully and wonderfully made with the purpose of worshipful fellowship with the God of the universe and sacrificial one-another fellowship with my fellow human beings. Together we are to enjoy God by glorifying Him forever as we fulfill our calling as stewards of His universe. Therefore, in life and ministry our goal is to reflect increasingly the inner life of Christ. 

    4. Question 4: “What went wrong?” 

    Answer 4—The Fall: “We sinfully and foolishly choose god-substitutes over God.” 

    The only explanation for sin and suffering is humanity’s fall into rebellion initiated by Adam and Eve and continued to this day by every person who ever lived. We sinfully forsake and attempt to replace God because we have lost our awe of God and chosen to love false gods. Therefore, in life and ministry we must recognize and confess that our core problem is spiritual adultery. 

    5. Question 5: “Can we change? How do people change?” 

    Answer 5—Redemption: “We must apply our complete salvation to our daily sanctification.” 

    Our only hope for change is our acceptance by faith of God’s grace in Christ. Those who are new creations in Christ can change because they have already been changed. Justification (our new pardon), reconciliation (our new peace), regeneration (our new purity), and redemption (our new power) provide the four-fold basis for daily growth into the image of Christ. Therefore, in life and ministry our identity in Christ is monumental. 

    6. Question 6—“Where am I headed? What is my destiny?” 

    Answer 6—Glorification: “Heaven is my final home.” 

    For those who enter into eternal relationship with God in Christ, our destiny is endless relationship and purpose—sacred communion within God’s holy and happy family. The biblical answer to the question of ultimate destiny ought to impact drastically how we live today—our future destiny impacts our present reality. Therefore, in life and ministry, reading the end of the story makes all the difference in how we respond to present suffering and how we overcome besetting sins. 

    7. Question 7—“Can I help? How can I help?” 

    Answer 7—Sanctification/Ministry: “We dispense God’s cure for the soul—grace.” 

    Grace is God’s prescription for our disgrace—the disgrace of sin and the disgrace of suffering. Grace is God’s medicine of choice for our sinful and suffering world. God calls us to be dispensers of His grace which sustains and heals us in our suffering, which reconciles and guides us in our sin, and which moves us toward sanctification in Christ. Therefore, in life and ministry we must be dispensers of grace.