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    Kellemen’s Christian The Best Of Guide

    The Best of Web Sites for Christianity and the News


    Kellemen’s Christian The Best of Guide: Making your life easier by finding, summarizing, evaluating, and posting the best resources on a wide variety of topics from a Christian perspective.


    The Best of Web Sites for Christianity and the News


    *Everyday Christian: http://www.everydaychristian.com


    Everyday Christian doesn’t just tell you about “Christianity in the news.” It gives you a Christian perspective on whatever is in the news. Solid writing by a growing team of experienced journalists who are committed a Christian worldview.


    *Christianity Today: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/ 


    This is the online site for the venerable Evangelical Christian magazine. Tons of links to topics of importance to Evangelical Christians.


    *Belief Net Christianity: http:www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Christianity/index.aspx


    Belief Net itself is not focused on the Christian faith alone. However, their Christianity link highlights news relevant to Christians. Their focus is very broadly Christian—be discerning.


    *Examiner: Evangelical: http://tinyurl.com/l3buz6


    The Examiner is like a growing number of sites with national and local news—something of a USA Today online. The Evangelical page highlights news of interest to Evangelical Christians from an Evangelical perspective.


    *Life News: http://www.lifenews.com


    Life News is a pro-life online site with news related to the sanctity of human life—political, religious, and philosophical.


    *Washington Post: God in Government: http://tinyurl.com/nrl9jm


    The God in Government section/blog of the Washington Post examines religion’s impact on politics. Co-written by Jacqueline L. Salmon and Michelle Boorstein, their slant is not necessarily Evangelical per se, but they do keep you abreast of religion and politics in the news.


    *About.com Christianity: http://christianity.about.com/      


    Like The Examiner, About is a leading online news source on scores of topics. Their Christianity topic provides a boatload of links to news relevant to believers.


    Important Stuff


    *Your Guide: Bob Kellemen, Ph.D., LCPC, is the Founder and CEO of RPM Ministries (www.rpmministries.org) through which he writes, speaks, and consults to equip God’s people to change lives with Christ’s changeless truth. He blogs daily at http://rpmministries.blogspot.com.


    *My Necessary Disclaimer: Of course, I don’t endorse everything in every article, book, or link that you’ll find in Kellemen’s Christian The Best of Guide. I report, you decide.


    *Your Suggestions Are Welcomed: Feel free to post comments and/or send emails (rpm.ministries@gmail.com) about resources that you think deserve attention in various categories covered in Kellemen’s Christian The Best of Guide.


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