• The Potter's Wheel

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    How are we being spiritually formed. As the Master Potter, God gives us the choice to willfully submit to His process of spiritual formation. As the clay we must be malleable to the gentle touch of the potter so that He can make us into a vessel to be used in His service. Those of you who read this blog are typically the ones on the front lines ministering to the needs of others. So I ask you, “How are doing on the Potter’s Wheel?” Are you allowing your self to formed by God, because your submission to the forming of the potter has great implications for the way you help aid others to do the same. We are faced with the reality that it will be very difficult to lead others to do something we ourselves are unwilling to do. I pray that all of us in the BCSFN family would live on the Potter’s Wheel, and that we would help those we serve to trust their lives and hearts to the development of God as The Potter. Please share how God is working to develop you and how that has translated into your ministry.

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