• The Trinity as Our Counseling Foundation

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    AACC Grace and Truth World Conference:

    Day Four and Wrap Up Reflections—The Trinity


    Each AACC Conference I attend, I listen for the “underlying” theme—not necessarily the planned theme (this year, Grace and Truth), as powerful as that is. But any consistent threads in plenary sessions, worship, track presentations, personal interactions—that might suggest the Spirit’s underlying theme.


    Here’s what I heard: The Trinity.


    What sets Christianity apart from everything else? The Trinity.


    What sets Christian counseling apart from every other form of people helping? The Trinity.


    I listened to the message of Trinitarian theology and Trinitarian counseling from Piper, Crabb, Dave Jenkins, and many others.


    Christian counseling/biblical counseling will be filled with grace and truth, will be filled with Scripture and soul, will be filled with truth and love… to the extent that our theology and our personal lives are impacted by and infiltrated by the Trinity.


    As I said in my track presentation (http://bit.ly/3ShzlR), “Too often biblical counselors counsel more like Allah than like the Trinity.”


    What in the world did I mean by that?


    Allah is the alone with the alone.






    Other than.


    Our Trinitarian God is the eternal community.


    When we counsel soullessly, when we counsel aloofly, when we counsel with truth minus love…then we ought not to call what we do biblical Christian counseling.


    Grace and Truth are mediated via our Trinitarian God as His life, His love, flow through us to those we counsel as we live the truth in love.


    That’s the message I listened to this week.


    How about you?

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